A view of Peru Mount Hope Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery, Peru, Miami County, Indiana

Cemetery Map

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        This database was formed from an extraction done by DeReese Clark in 1955. Data entry was done by Carolyn and Richard Coffman and Connie Stevens, 2005. It was proofread by Regine Brindle. Cemetery records entered my Debby Beheler.  Most photographs were taken by Regine Brindle.  Also, many photos were taken and donated by Rickey Bellamy. Debby has also taken photos.  Data was prepared for the web by Debby Beheler using a program by John C. Anderson. Obituaries added by Debby Beheler Whew! It takes a lot of volunteers to put together useful information like this!

        Do you have information to add to this data?   If so, send it to me at d002b@yahoo.com. I can use obituaries of people buried at Mount Hope. These can be transcriptions or images scanned in jpeg format.   I can also use photographs of tombstones in this cemetery.   Jpg format is preferred.   This database is in no way complete. I have completed adding burials for all sections except infants (in progress). Please send your submissions including name, birth and death dates, tombstone photos and obituaries.

For official records of Mount Hope Cemetery, contact - 

Angela Hoff email: services@mthopeperu.net
Mount Hope Cemetery Association
411 North Grant
Peru, Indiana 46970-1613
Phone: (765) 472-2493

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Mount Hope Cemetery, Peru, Miami Co., IN
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