Located in Tipton Twp. on Road 650S at 627E in Cass County, just north of Walton and east of the Walton I.O.O.F. Cemetery.

This database is based on the L'Anguille Valley Memorial Association's reading of early 1943, which was computerized by Sadie Cunningham. Additional information was obtained from various sources including tombstone inscriptions, funeral home records, death records and obituaries. We do not claim that this is a complete listing of every burial, but we have attempted to compile as complete a record as we could. Please send corrections, additions, or obituaries to Debby.

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In Southwestern TIPTON TOWNSHIP, of Southeastern CASS COUNTY, In Northcentral INDIANA.

Pronounced Ven’nard. Sometimes called the WALTON VENNARD CEMETERY.

     This Large Old Cemetery is about 200 rods, or five-eighths of a mile, Northwest of the Incorporated town of Walton, Indiana, and is at the south edge of the N.W. ¼ of section 25 of T.26 N., R.2 E.

     It is on the North Side of a one-mile-long County-Highway which runs East and West along said section 25’s midline, and is about eight or nine Miles Southeast of the County Seat City of Logansport. This Old Vennard Cemetery is about 12 rods East of the [More Modern] Walton Oddfellows [I.O.O.F.] cemetery, and is about midway between it and the Heavily Traveled U.S. Highway 35, A [Here New] paved road which runs from Logansport Southeast to Kokomo, Indiana, by way of Anoka, Walton, Lincoln, and Galveston and, in the Main, follows the Long Abandoned Route formerly taken by the tracks of the [Now almost forgotten] Indiana Union Traction Company’s Electric “Interurban” Line.

     Originally set aside for Burial Purposes by William Vennard, a Tipton Township Pioneer. This land was formally conveyed (by recorded deed) in 1870 by hiis son Joseph Vennard. Persons interested in the Cemetery’s early history are referred to Dr. J.Z. Powell’s “History of Cass County, Indiana [1913], Vol.1, page 688.

     At the conclusion of this present report, will be found two pages devoted to the Military-Records, etc., of Veterans of Early Wars know to lie buried in this Cemetery, including some little information NOT given on Grave-Markers now Decipherable.

     Throughout this report, the Military records of deceased War-Veterans have been spot-lighted with crayon.

     Diagram showing Location of Cemetery will be found on the back of this present sheet.

     This present record (of Information appearing on Grave-Markers) was prepared for the Indiana Historical Society and Indiana State Library by the:

     Walton-Tipton Township Public Library

     Of Walton, Indiana

     In Co-operation with the

     L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association,

     Logansport, Indiana.

     Fieldwork, by Robert B. Whitsett, Jr., 500 Front Street, Logansport, Ind. (of that Historical Association), was begun on September 6, 1942, and was completed early 1943. The following record was prepared (from the Original Volumes of Fieldnotes) by: LIBRARIAN Mrs. Mabel M. Bratton, Walton, Indiana.

     A native of this region; and was checked back to the Fieldnotes (by the Fieldworker and Mrs. Anna Cary Whitsett), though, owing to conditions growing out of “World War No.2”, (including the rationing of Gasoline and Tires), it was NOT found practicable to check the fieldwork itself.

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This data was compiled by Sadie Cunningham and Debby Beheler for the Cass County INGenWeb Site. This site is copyrighted and is for personal use only.

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