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Is on the E. side of the Broad Ripple Bridge Road At a point 3¼ miles N. of the Broad Ripple Bridge over EEL River. The Bridge is about 5 miles up that winding stream from its Mouth [confluence with Wabash River], at Logansport. Cemetery is just E.of the center of Sec.3, Township 27 N., of Range 2 E. of the 2nd Indiana Principal Meridian, and is in northern CLAY Township, in N.E. CASS County in north-central Indiana.  The cemetery is just across the road from the sturdy modern brick church, this being the present House-of-Worship of one of Cass County’s oldest and leading rural churches.    [Dr. J. Z. Powell’s “History of Cass County, Indiana”, V.1, pp. 529-33.]
The cemetery is 1 mile W. And 2 miles N. the Hamlet of ADAMSBORO, and about 6 miles N.E. of LOGANSPORT, INDIANA.  Fieldwork was done for the following report from the Fall of 1941 through the Spring of 1942 including some checking of the work through the winter months by J. Slaton Kline of the L’Anguille Valley Memorial 
Association, and by the following members of the LOYAL WORKERS’ CLASS of The Spring Creek Christian Sunday School led by Mrs. Loyd Moore, of R.R.5, Logansport, as the teacher. The following persons all of R.R.5,
Logansport, IN. 

Mrs. Edgar Morrow

Mrs. Juanita Woodruff

Miss Ruth Cunningham

Miss Gladys Adams (formerly of R.R.5)

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Moore and Mr. Robert Bell. 

All of whom worked under the direction of Mr. Kline.

The following record was made (and checked) from the original field notes by the following two members of the L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association’s Cemetery-Research Committee),
Mr. J. Slaton Kline of High Street Road, R.R.4, Logansport and assisted by
MRS. MATTIE FUNK of Adamsboro, R.R.5, Logansport, a gentleman and lady who have scores of friends and relatives lying buried in the SPRING CREEK CHRISTIAN CEMETERY and who have lived all or much of their lives in this vicinity.

This is ----- on May 22, 1942-----being forwarded to The Indiana Historical Society’s Depository in the Indiana State Library by Robert B. Whitsett Jr., Secretary, L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association.
Note: Mr. Kline, Mrs. Loyd Moore and Mrs. Funk are members of the L’A.V.M.A.

Owing to the war-time conditions, No attempt has been made to check the fieldwork or to re-canvass this quite large and remotely situated cemetery. Except that I did make a special trip to it and spent about 3 hours in it searching out and checking some twenty readings, which to me on study of the report, seemed somewhat unsatisfactory or the full correctness of which I privately rather questioned.

L’Anguille Valley Memorial Association R.B.W.J.

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Local Historian (Dr. Jehu Z. Powell) is an authority for the statement that the earliest known interments in this cemetery were
David Flynn died 1836; Sabrie Butler (Mrs. Josiah) and 
David Scott, a Veteran of 1812 Veteran who was killed 2-12-1837 by a cobbler named Jeremiah F. Harrison, who was then sentenced to be hanged, but hanged himself in the log jail at Logansport 5-31-1831, a suicide.
Powell also says that there are Two REVOLUTIONARY WAR VETERANS in this cemetery, 
Alexander SCOTT who died May 1844. The other is 
John WARD June 25, 1752 - May 13, 1839 served in Hathaway's New Jersey Company. A still Huger Fallen & broken 
slab says John Ward Died May 13, 1839, Aged 86-9-[9?]; Was born in [Jer---?] in 1752 & served in 
the Revolutionary War 8 [?] years & than moved to PA in '95 and lived in PA 10 yrs. In 1805 he moved to OHIO
& was there 10 yrs. before moving to Cass Co., IN. "Long on Earth Among the Best; Now Gone Home to Eternal Rest."  It is said had that John had twenty Great-Grandsons who served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Three of these were Morris Sellers of Logansport who d: 11/05/1914; William Sellers of Kokomo and W.H.H. Ward of Logansport.

Additional Soldiers (Listed by Powell) buried in this cemetery.
Long, John War of 1812 "A Delaware Regiment"
Conrad, Henry War of 1812
Jones, Benjamin ---12-24-[18?]52- War of 1812 :Engaged in battle with Indianas at Ft. Wayne. 
Sellers, Joseph War of 1812
Hill, John War of 1812
Bridge, Ebenezer War of 1812 
Chestnut, Samuel 73 Ind. Inf. Civil War 
Bennett, Ward 9 Ind. Inf. Civil War
Spencer, William 151 Ind. Inf. Civil War
Kreider, Christian 2 Ind. Cav. Civil War
Sellers, Robert Co.E., 118 Ind. Civil War 
Sellers, Samuel ____________ Civil Wars

Additional Notes including soldiers not listed above noted by transciptionist
Bennett, Samuel W. Soldier-Co.E.29.Reg.Ind.Vol. b:1/28/1838 d:3/9/1885
Bennett, Samuel D.: Soldier-Co., H. 73 Ind. Vol. b:10/28/1844 d:12/02/1862
Bridge, Ebenezer : War of 1812: b:06/28/1792 d:01/03/1859
Caw, Samuel T. Co., G.,18 Ind. Inf.)
Johnson, Frank M. 1889-1924 Soldier
Penzel, Fred D. 1887-1922 Soldier-Battery A. 70th S.A.? (can't read it) 
Richardson, Archibald 07/26/1863 Soldier
Richardson, Charles Soldier-Spanish-American War b: 01/02/1875 d:11/25/1935
Scott, Alexander-Revolutionary War Soldier
Scott, David Craig: 11/11/1825-01/??/1890 Soldier
Scott, Nathan W. 1837-1916 Soldier Co.G.51st Ind.Inf. "Father"
Sellers, R.A., Soldier Co., A. 118th Ind. Inf. (no dates)
Simpson, Jas. W. 1844-1926 Soldier 
Spencer, Wm. Soldier Co.F. 151 Ind. Inf. Vol. b:03/23/1844 d:12/24/1904

Spring Creek Christian Cemetery Notes
Stones Checked & Re-read by R.B.W. Jr. on 14-May-1942 
The transcriber has used the corrected dates in the transcript.
Calvert, John age at death amended from 18y.12d. To 13y.12d.
Carr, Miranda orig rec'd as d: 09/27/1818 & age wasn't rec'd
Caw, Maribah (orig. read as Marbia & b & d. dates not read) 
Caw, Samuel (orig. read excluded b & d dates & military stone & info on it
Fallis, Rachel Lewis, d.o.d. orig. read as 10/5/1828 amended to 10/5/1878
Hill, Rachel A. d.o.d. amended from orig. reading of 2-2-1819 to 2-2-1849
Horn, Hannah (w/o John born Washington Co., PA no d.o.d. date given)
Horn, John (h/o Hannah born Washington Co., PA no d.o.d & no tombstone
Kisinger, Amanda E.(fallen slab found by R.B.W. Jr. on 14-May-1942
Kisinger, Mary J. (fallen slab found by R.B.W. Jr. on 14-May-1942
Lairy, John Scott: May 1942 a new monument was erected giving full b & death dates & naming his wife who was still living & including the info that he was a former Cass Co., Circuit Court Judge. This replaced the previous funeral marker "Jno.S.Lairy 1862-
Miller, Geo. W. read as d:07/11/1817 but it was 07/14/1847
(Mother) Row-12, no dates & no name, bet. Miller & Frushour -Poetry "As a star that is lost when daylight is given, she hath faded away to shire brightly in heaven."
Murden, re-Mahlon M. & Flora S. & Sylvania : Found New Monument on 14-May 1942 but found no monument for Sylvania. Possible that Sylvania was the middle name of Flora S. 
Patton, James (no dates on tombstone)
Patton, Sally (Scott) (no dates on tombstone)
Scott, Jas. M. or W. orig. rec'd b & d as 1812-1818 but re-read as 1842-1848 
Scott, Belinda Carr & Benjamin (Found that stone only gives yrs. of birth & death but says "Father" & "Mother" 
Scott, Margaret L. (stone says-"Wife of John Scott."
Scott, Elder John : Editorial Comment: Local Historian, (Powell) "History of Cass Co., IN., (1913) V.1 p.518-519, Says, " Elder [a Disciple of Christ Church-Title?] John Scott earliest permanent American settler in Clay Township, Cass Co., IN, having made
Smith, Benjamin D. orig. rec'd 05/15/1831-11/21/1895 but found only y/o/d on stone
Stringer, John orig. recorded dod: 9-Dec-1815 but in re-examining the stone, which was a badly weathered, broken little spire he found the current reading 9-Dec-1875 
Thompson, Geo.W.: A Fulton, IN Funeral Service firm erected this glass & Metal marker & might have his death Yr.& age. Which might be abt. 1939 for it seems recent. 
Wilda (some of desc. Dropped A & go by Wild.)
Youngblood, Paulina R.King: R.B.W. Jr. on 14-May-1942 checked this grave & found dates previously. rec'd as none, were rec'd on side of monument.
Youngblood, Geo. checked this grave & found dates prev. rec'd as none were rec'd on side of monument

Field-worker & transcriber notes:
This cemetery was difficult to transcribe,Illegible writing & Improbable dates, info. written on top of script & scribbled on the sides of the paper. No consistent format for recording names, often no note as to if a date was a birth or death. The word “Wife” often gave no reference as to whom the spouses name. Also notes on relationships questionable. No indication of shared monuments. I found 15 undecipherable, missing or unmarked grave markers that were noted throughout the cemetery.
Boyles, James W., Dau.have last name of Rauche though young when died?
Clary, J.B: 1880 called John B.b KY ca.1797
Clary, Anna 1880 called Aroline b: ca.ME ca.1804 
Conkling often found as Conklin in census
Demoss, Celinda -orig rec'd so that hard to tell who husband is-don't see (Demoss), see Eli Moss written above (dau.) & A. Irven. 
Gingrich. Row-14, 5 infants of Harry & Anna (Fair) Gingrich buried N. of the David Gingrich family. Also, S.(J?) & Wife & two wives of Samuel & infants more than 40 yrs. ago.
Hadd(eno)???, Mary (d/o J.B. & M.M. Kreider (Hadd???) Writing illegible 
Horn, John : b: Washington Co., PA. No dod given & no monument marks his grave 
Kinsinger, Barbara-I believe this war rec'd wrong s/b Kissinger (see Kissinger)
Kreider, Christian:Note IGI as him as Krider b: 24-Feb.-1825 Washington Co., PA & d: 3-Jan-1863 & h/o.Eve Campbell m- 1851 
Krider, Adam: per IGI s/o Christian & Eve Campbell Krider
Krider/Kreider, Eve (Campbell) Row-4 per IGI w/o Christian Kreider & m/o Adam Krider
Krider, Geo.C: IGI has George Custer Krider b:24 Nov.1822 & d: 17 Aug.1850 s/o Henry & Susannah (Custer) Krider & m.3-Apr-1846 in Cass Co., IN to Minerva Chapell
Krieder, James Monroe, 1880 USC has him aged 22y & s/o David H. & Margaret A.Krider
No Name Aug.2-1850 Row-4 bet. Gilbert Murden & Maria G. Campbell
Roberts, William: Month of death overwritten so can’t tell if it’s Mar. or May.
Row-18 Six unmarked graves bet. Ann Wilda & Henry Orwin
Rush, Merle- (He drowned in the Eel River near 17th St., Logansport)
Smith, Jas.W. 1836-1912 amand.H.wife) 1837-75years (as orig. recorded) 
Swiber (3 Graves) no names & no dates Row-10 
Ulrick, Mary. Fieldworker Error in recording this d.o.d.
Her husband, Emanuel would have died 100 yrs to the day earlier. 
Williamson, David: IGI b:Aug.1784 Cumberland Co., PA d:1849 Logansport, Cass Co.,. IN m: Clarissa Cold 5-Mar-1822 Troy, OH s/o David & Mary (Stuart) Williamson

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This report was input by Pat Fiscel for the Cass County INGenWeb Project.  It currently includes only those reported to be interred in Spring Creek Christian Cemetery up through spring of 1942.

Contact Debby if you have additions, corrections or would be interested in photographing this cemetery for this project.

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