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Adams Township

Census Family Head of Family or Separate Surname
Page Number

1A (very difficult to read, most names are my best guess)

1 Hoover, ? J. age 37, Mary A. 58, Sussanah 33 (boarder)
2 Hoover, Sammuel E. age 33, Susan 24
3 Bixler, Christina? Age 56
4 Black, J? age 76, Morris, Florence age 45 daughter and granddughter
5 Filby, George, age 38, Mary C. 34, Ursa A.4
6 Bigglen, John, Elizabeth, Anna B., Daughter, David, Daughter
7 Harmin, John M., Wife, Esther L., Annie A.
8 Flam?, Edward,
Tolen, Sarah,
Fahe, John E. Bertha D., William H., Mary (granddaughter)
9 Kerschner?, Richard H., Harriot A. Bertha, son, son
10 Baber, William C., wife 33,
Hill Margaret 60
11 Fisher, William, Sussannah, Ella, Delbert, Cora L.
12 ?oon, William S., Emma R., William m., Harold E., Mary, Martha
13 (Lewis)?, Jacob, wife and son

Lewis, William son, Effie H., Roscoe, Leoana
14 McMillian,Allen, Bertha,Warren, Raymond
15 Beacher, George, Sarah, Clinton,son,Uretha, Walter
16 Books, Fremont, John,
?Runkle Maggie Anderson, L? L. 17 Sopher, James, Maggie, Ezra, Cecil, David, Miranda, Ella, baby
18 Evans, Elza(male), Jessie, Ora
19 Halterman, Adam, Catherine, Harley,Ernest, Bernie
20 Ernyart, John W., Le?, Osa A., Elsia, Dedra, Iva
21 Wolford, George, Catherine, Rosa, Samuel, Ulyssia H., Landis Vida (granddaughter)
22 Wolford Charles, Rebecca
23 Winegartner, Leon, Hettie
24 Moore, George, Idela, Wilbert, Earl, Gale, Ralph
25 Marguiss, Isaac, Sarah J., Amanda, Oliver, Harvey, Myrtle, Sylva
26 Marguiss, Charles, Lillie S., Ida, Slerta, Walter
27 See, Edward, Una, Goldie, George, Roy
28 Winegardner, John, Maud, Lerva, Lana
29 Teems, John H., Sarah E., John A., George, Cora, Harry, Hattie M.
30 Gehman, Nancy J., Iva, Anna,Laura, Emma, Cora,
Woodhouse, Bennie(nephew)

The rest of the page blocked with old tape marking

31 See, ? W.
Jame?, ?annah
32 Conner?

Conner, Gertrude,
Howell, Maria
33 Flory, Frank, Sarah I.,
Cox, Elgie
34 Beamer, ?, Elizabeth J., Stella M.,
Beamer, Otto
35 Grable, Schiyler C., Etta L,
Sullivan, Isaac
36 Swank, Franklin P., Judia E., John I., Marion F. Gralen W., Ruth F. Susanah F., Rufus K.
37 Hoover, John, Sara E., Frank W., Charles E., Cora B., Ola M., Samuel W., Judson R.
38 Bosh, Frank M., Matilda, Mary H., Uma M, Wheeler M., Imen E., Shelby W., Pheobe G.
39 Harman, Alvin, Viola A., Trusa F., Ray S., Cora M., Sarah F., Earl S., William B.
40 Whitmyer, John B., Elizabeth, Joseph F., Beatrice
41 Parker, Caroline


42 Fetrow, Daniel
43 Mussel man?, James
44 Oakley, Rudolph
45 Landis, Jeremiah
46 Tracy, Margaret
47 Pottinger, William
48 Dagne, George
49 Jones, Jackson
50 Sarver, Wol?
King, Arthur
51 Cornell, Mary
Strohm, Michael
52 Wolf, Daniel
53 B?


Bayless, Annitta
Gunion, Elmer
54 Ema?ley, Prier
55 Martin, Mary E.
56 Rimpler, Lewis A
57 Rimpler, Ferdinand
58 Donaldson, Thomas
Roberts, Dora
Donaldson, Paul
59 Jones, Enoch
60 Keeport, Benjamin
Dawalt, Jacob
61 Backover, Issac C.

Backover, George
62 Jones, John W.
63 Laprad, Harvey
Morris, Myrtle
64 Staller, George W.
65 Myers, Howard
66 Flynn, Edward
67 Black, John
68 Skinner, Thomas H.
69 Backover, John E.
70 Crers, Jacob W.
Kline, Allie
71 Irvin, Mary A.
72 Backover, Ephram S.
73 Miller, Louis
74 Decker, John B.
75 Dalzell, Thomas F.
Decker, Andrew
76 Frankum, Mary
Banks, Elizabeth
77 Sullivan, John
Grable, Edith
78 Eurit, Stephan
Mckee, Ida M.
Bookwalter, Warren
79 Brown, Lewis
Hickman, Dora D.
80 Bookwalter, Albert P.
81 Staley, John F. 82 Young, Cornelius
83 Dicus, John R.
84 Edgerton, William
85 Richards, Josiah V.
86 Parker, Hannah
Williams, Forester
Lowman, Samuel
87 Ruhl, Martin
Ruhl Annie
88 Brubsker, William
Siders, Chancey A.
89 Klise, Byron M.
90 Frailing Joseph
91 Brown, William
92 Champ, George W.
93 Bookwalter, Charles A.
94 Cooper, Abram F.
95 Lowthain, Thomas J.
96 Bookwalter, George
97 Hoover, Anthony
Crippen, Alvin L.
98 Moss, William

99 Kringery, Charles
100 Leffel, William B.
101 Dalzell, Mary A.
Black, Burrel C.
102 Murden, Joseph R.
103 Murden, William
104 McClain, Samuel
105 Ferguson, Winfield S.
106 Kingery, Jamie H.
107 Hopkins, Daniel A.
108 Reed, Henry
109 Wheatley, John

Wheatley, Cyrns J.
110 Champ, Melvin
111 Kingery, William
112 Arthurhults, Samuel
113 Dalzell, William
114 Black, Aaron
115 Ault, Willard
116 Young, David
117 McClain, Alfred
118 Smith, Lewis W.
119 Fivecoats, Benjamin
Fivecoats, Anna
120 Shivey, James
121 Merritt, Emery
122 Blwades, Jacob
123 Applegate, Orlando
124 Carson, Daniel
125 Doran, Dewitt W.
Skinner, Joshua
Owens, Quincey
Starkey, Demose
126 Pyle, Charles
127 Richardson, Samuel
Richardson, Margaret
128 Spencer, Joseph
Toothman, Charles
129 Flook, Milo
130 Toothman, Edward
131 Limsford, Harry F.
132 Limsford, Hizzrah
133 Toothman, John
134 Toothman, Joseph
135 Price, Levi A.
136 Guy, Gravwill
Hopkins, Ella
Shirk, David C.
137 Enyart, Peter
Buskirk, Lawrence
138 Enyart, David
139 Smeltzy, Edward
140 Perdue, Daniel C.
Perdue, Judea
141 Tyson, Thornton
142 Wolf, William R.
143 Schneider, Fredrick
144 Doan, Melvin
145 Leffel, John
Starkey, Joseph
146 Hudeleston, Henry
147 Kingery, William A.
148 Kinzie, William J.
149 Kinzie, Charlott
Teal, Telitha
150 Sullivan, Frank
151 Christman, Charles P.
Ault, Maggie F.
Cox, Frank
152 Reed, Charles
153 Deniston James M.
154 Black, William C. 155 Skinner, Charles P.
156 Egman, Isaac W.
Doan, Nettie L.
157 Plank, Aaron
158 Carson, William
Hill, L? W.
159 Conrad Omer?
160 McHenry, Albert
McHenry, Minnie
161 Kinnaman, Charles
162 Mans, Levi
Raver, Walter
163 Skinner, Albert W.
164 Mans, William H.
165 Mors, Abrham
Ege, Henr W.
166 Sullivan, Gilbert A.
167 Skinner, Walter
168 Kine, Henry
169 Kine, Edward
Benedict, Isaac L.
170 Woodhouse, Absolem
Morris, Chloe E.
171 Richardson, Henry


Richardson, Dora
172 Newman, James P.
173 Richardson, John B.
174 Browes, Frank W.
175 Irvin, Andrew B.
176 Coudon, Larkin E.
177 Woodhouse, Henry
Abbott, Ida
178 Cress, Charles
179 Woodhouse, Bonapart
Dillman, Noah
180 Woodhouse, Esau
Burns, Nancy
181 Woodhouse, Alfred
182 Erbangh, John C.

Erbangh, Daniel
183 Dillman, Frank
Moss, Florence B.
184 Geiffel Harry
185 Thomas, Isaac
186 Krider, Marion C.
187 Gransinger, Joseph
Moss, Eva
188 Reese, Scott
Woodhouse, Cora M.
189 Wilson, George
Hoover, Willie
190 Crook, William
Carson, Fredrick
191 Florian, Samuel
192 Ferguson, Seward
193 Darmn, Henry
194 Darmn, Louisa
195 Kingery, Thomas
196 Moss, John

197 Helms, John
198 Ault, Eliza
199 Kelsey, Robert
200 Conrad, Edward
201 Hemmersbaugh, Grace
202 Toothman, Hersey
203 Dillman, William
Teal, William
204 Morrow, Maens
205 Morrow, Henry
206 Crook, Willard
Crook, Nancy
207 Henry, William
Doan, George
208 Stewart, William
209 Barnhart, George
210 Black, James
211 Jones, Jerome
212 Tracy, Joseph

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Clinton TownshipDeer Creek TownshipEel TownshipHarrison Township
Jackson TownshipTipton Township Washington Township

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Please send corrections to Debby Beheler

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