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Photo is Seven Pillars natural rock formation in Miami County.

Miami Co. Physicians 1892

R = Regular; E = Eclectic; H = Homeopathic; P.M. = Physiomedical; N.R. = not reported;
"Basis of License"; D = Diploma; figures 3 and 10 are for the number of years in practice.

Alford, Henry Peru R. 10 Litzenberger, O. P. Converse R. 3
Boggs, M. Macy R. 10 Mendenhall, O. A. Converse R. D
*Bloomfield, E. M. Peru R. D Moore, J. W. Mexico P. M. D
Black, F. M Peru E. D Marsh, L. S. Peru R. D
Barnes, John Macy R. 10 Meek, J. A. Bunker Hill R. D
Baldwin, John A. Converse E. 10 Maughmer, G. C. Wawpecong R. D
Brower, Josiah Gilead E. D Malsbury, J. O. Peru R. D
Belew, J. C. Chili E. 10 Newell, J. M. Denver R. D
Baldwin, M. F. North Grove E. D Orr, A. C. Macy R. D
Bradley, T. Peoria P. M. D. Passage, H. V. Peru R. D
Brenton, Wm. H. Peru R. D. Ridenour, David Chili R. D
Cox, Edgar Bunker Hill R. D Ramsey, G. S. Peru R. D
Dodds, A. J. Mexico R. D Rutherford, C. E. Peru H. D
Davis, L. Miami Town E. D Stewart, F. E. Peru H. D
Friermood, E. K. Peru R. D Stewart, W. B. Peru H. D
Frets, I. C. Deedsville R. 5 Smith, A. F. Wawpecong R. D
Graham, B. R. Peru R. D Spooner, Jared Peru R. D
Gregg, Elijah Bunker Hill E. D Schevier, W. C. Bunker Hill R. D
Higgins, C. B. Peru R. D Taylor, Clarre Peru R. D
Helm, C. J. Peru R. D Watkins, F. H. Peru R. 10
Hosman, W. E. Denver E. D Wilson, J. S. Macy E. 3
Haifley, Wm. H. Amboy E. D Wareham, J. W. Gilead R. 3
Ijams, Thos. L. North Grove R. D Ward, J. O. Peru R. D
Kelsey, J. S. Converse R. D Wilson, Wm. F. Bunker Hill R. D
Kalbfleisch, A. H. Peru R. D Zimmer, E. G. Santa Fe R. D

*=County Health Officer

This story was contributed by Janet ISLEY Price and was found by her in Jamestown Press, Jamestown (Boone County)Indiana, 15 April 1898

Peru has two strange couples, Illustrating the fact that animals fall in love with each other and still not go on the old theory of all birds of a feather flock together. Dr. Landis Bradshaw has a rooster that has fallen in love with him and has acquired a strange habit of riding over the country with him while he makes his calls. The rooster has also formed a very agreeable acquaintance with the horse and actually when they start he perches himself on top of the animal and rides bareback, or holds onto the harness. He crouches down and enjoys the ride hugely. When the rig stops the rooster always flies from his perch and begins to crow joyously. The strange outfit attracts much attention. Bradshaw pays no attention to the rooster and takes it for granted that he always goes on. If he does not catch the horse he always manages to get on the running gears. He never gets left. While Mr. Bradshaw is making his calls Mr. Rooster watches the horse and the two takes an interest in each other.

Barney Baer has another rooster that has formed a friendship with a big Maltese cat. The two are always together, the cat generally purring or rubbing up against the rooster. They take strolls together and when night comes, instead seeking a roost, Mr. Rooster goes over to a box and sits down for the night. The cat stays up a little later, but, by eight o'clock both are found side by side, asleep. The rooster always acts as the alarm clock in the morning.

SOURCE: Eleventh Annual Report of the State Board of Health
of Indiana For The Fiscal Year Ending October 31, 1892
To the Governor

Created 1 Jan 2000
Updated 13 Jan 2000

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