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Cass Co., Indiana, WPA Death Record Index for 1882-1920

Cass County, Indiana, INGenWebBe aware that even though the title page clearly states that these death records are for the years 1882 - 1920, there are a considerable amount of death records for the city of Logansport in the 1870s included here also. Many deaths were recorded both in the county seat and the town or township; this is why there are often two records. At the present time there is only one health department in Cass County and that department holds all the death records for the county.

NOTE* Long Cliff is not a city, but a state hospital for the insane and is still in existence as the Logansport State Hospital.

NOTE* There are plenty of obvious mistakes in the original transcriptions of the death records. Please keep this in mind and remember that most of the WPA workers were not genealogists and were just doing a job and may not have been as careful as we would like them to have been.

To order birth and death records:

Cass Co. Health Department
Vital Records
1201 Michigan Avenue, Suite 230
Logansport, IN 46947
574/ 753-7761
cash or money order only -
- and accompanied by a SASE.
A genealogical copy of a birth or death the price is $5.00 search fee which includes a copy of the record.
(updated 2/19/2009 per Tomeka Yike, Vital Records Registrar, Cass Co. Health Dept.)

The following pages are in my possession. If they have not yet been typed in, please feel free to request a lookup.

Cass Co., Indiana, WPA Death Records, Table of Contents

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Index to Death Records for Cass Co., Indiana, 1882-1920
Compiled by Indiana Works Projects Administration, 1940

transcribed by
Debby Beheler, Nov 1997-present
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